Accelerated Reader is an exciting new venture for Outwood Academy Danum and the Learning Resource Centre. The Academy is providing an excellent opportunity for our students to fully engage and grow using this simple programme of learning.

Students choose a book from our range, which holds over 1500 titles including the most up to date and popular titles recently purchased such as the widely loved “Goosebumps” fiction series to “The Tortoise’s Gift: A Story from Zambia” and non-fiction titles including “Pharaohs and Dynasties of Ancient Egypt” and the more ‘teeth gritting’ “Tarantula Vs Tarantula Hawk: Clash of the Giants”.

The books are all arranged according to a colour coded scheme that is appealing and easy to understand. Once the students have finished reading the book, they then sit an online quiz and get immediate feedback.

This regular feedback is an essential tool to motivate our students to progress with their reading skills.