Years 7, 8 & 9

We follow a 3 year Mastery Scheme of Work in order to prepare students for their GCSE Maths course.

Each year is split up into a series of topics which students study for periods of between 2 and 4 weeks. We also have problem solving and project weeks. All students will learn the same content regardless of their group. More able students will be stretched by content depth rather than going onto the next stage.

Years 10 & 11

Maths is a linear GCSE course designed to finish at the end of year 11. The course has a clear focus on independent learning, revision skills and well-targeted exam techniques. This is to develop students’ ability to apply their acquired knowledge to problem solving and functional questions.

Maths is a core subject, which means that everyone will take a course leading to a GCSE in this subject. A pass at grade 5 or higher in the new GCSE is a very important qualification- together with a similar qualification in English, it is a gateway to many careers and study at higher levels.

Students who are not making expected progress in Maths at the end of Year 8 or 10 will study additional periods of Maths to help boost their grade. This will be through Option Maths (in place of one of their three options).

You can find more details of the course by following the link:
Edexcel Maths

Statistics GCSE – Edexcel

Statistics can be studied as an option subject in Year 10 or 11. Students who study the Statistics course will learn statistical techniques and concepts such as planning and data collection, processing, representing and analysing data, reasoning, interpreting and discussing results, and understanding probability.

Further reading and information on the curriculum content studied can be found at:
Edexcel Level 1 / Level 2
GCSE in Statistics

Years 12 & 13

AS Maths

AS Maths is a 1-year modular course designed to finish at the end of year 12. It consists of 3 modules, Core 1 and Core 2 – which extend the work of GCSE, including such areas as calculus, further trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry and proof – and either Decision 1 – concentrating on algorithms graphs, networks, critical path analysis, linear programming and simulation – or Mechanics 1 – concentrating on Newton’s laws of motion, Kinematics in 1 and 2 dimensions, momentum and friction.

A2 level Maths

A2 Maths follows on from AS and is a 1-year modular course designed to finish at the end of year 13. It consists of 3 modules, Core 3 and Core 4 – which extends the work of AS, including further calculus, functions, further trigonometry, parametric equations, partial fractions and vectors- and an alternate module based on the AS choice.

AS Further Maths and A2-level Further Maths

Further Maths builds on A2 Maths. 3 modules will credit an AS Further Maths and then 3 more A2 Further Maths. These modules are Further Pure 1, Mechanics 1 and Mechanics 2 to make the AS and Further Pure 2, Decision & Discrete 2 and Statistics 2 to make the A2.

You can find more details of the course by following the link:
AQA Maths

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