Modern Foreign Languages

Overview of the Year for KS3 MFL

We currently have a context-led learning structure at KS3. Students learn a topic and work towards a final assessment in two skills; these are either speaking and listening or reading and writing. The topics are engaging and challenging for students and include ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’ – where they have to write about their time in the jungle and the horrible challenges they faced, such as eating cockroaches! Another task at KS3 is called ‘Come dine with me’ and students have to design a dinner party by planning a meal and activities and presenting it (in spoken form) to the rest of the class. We believe that we support literacy and students develop their understanding of English when learning a foreign language. We endeavour to include as much cultural knowledge into our lessons as possible in order to inspire our students to want to travel to these places.

The current KS3 course mirrors the new GCSE so is therefore great preparation for students going on to study an MFL at KS4.

If you would like further information about the topics and themes being taught please contact: Mr A Wardley Head of Department


Overview of the Year for Modern Foreign Languages at Key Stage 4

At KS4 we offer French, German & Spanish at GCSE.

We are currently using the AQA exam board, which covers Lifestyle, Leisure, Home and Environment, Work and Education. Students will complete controlled assessments in speaking and writing which is 60% of the course (30% each). They also complete a final exam which is a Listening and Reading exam, this is 40% of the GCSE (20% each skill). The exam papers are tiered: Foundation and Higher.

In Y9 and Y10 our students have started the brand new AQA GCSE. Although this is a two year course which assesses the same skills: Listening, reading, writing and speaking, there is no controlled assessment and it is 100% exam based. We are excited about the new course as we believe it will develop ‘real’ linguists who are able to communicate spontaneously in their chose languages. There are many topics covered but some examples are traditional topics such as ‘Me, my family and friends’ alongside more up-to-date topics such as ‘technology in everyday life’.

Overview of the Year for Modern Foreign Languages at Key Stage 5

At KS5 we offer French, German & Spanish at GCSE.
We also use the AQA exam board for our KS5 course.
In Y13 students continue to be examined on the four skills of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. They do topics such as: The Environment, Integration and immigration, and Law and order. Students also study a book and a film which has been published/made in the target language by a French/German speaking author or director.
We use the target language when teaching at KS5 as we feel it is highly important to immerse students into the language. The course has quite a large grammar content which we teach in an enthusiastic, collaborative and fully supportive way.

In Y12 students are studying the new A level which tests the same skills as mentioned above. Students do similar topics but there is more of a cultural insight (history, customs and traditions etc.) and students also do an individual research project on a topic of their personal choice.