Psychology is a wonderful subject that offers you valuable opportunities to explore issues surrounding human behaviour. We study many different theories of human behaviour and consider the vast amount of research evidence that has been gathered on human participants to help us understand what makes us tick. The lessons are taught in an engaging way that combines written work with discussion and practical research skills in order to develop a deep understanding of the core content. Staff continually challenge students to broaden and deepen their understanding both in and out of the classroom, and we make lots of links to real-life examples of psychology in action.

Overview of the Year for Psychology at Key Stage 5

At KS5 the psychology department follows the AQA GCE, which focusses on Introductory Topics in Psychology, Psychology in Context and Issues and Options in Psychology.

The A level course is assessed by 3 exams at the end of a 2 year course. An AS level qualification is also possible by sitting 2 exams at the end of 1 year. There is no coursework in AS or A level Psychology.
Alongside their study of Psychology, students will also be practising mathematical skills as 10% of their exam responses will require the use of maths.