Redevelopment of Outwood Academy Danum


Outwood Academy Danum and Outwood Grange Academies Trust (the multi academy trust) would like to know your view on the proposal to modernise and refurbish the Outwood Academy Danum school buildings.

Students, parents and staff will be aware that the academy’s buildings are very dated and that some are in need of significant repair and modernisation so that it can offer an environment fit for 21st century education. The proposals will also ensure that there is sufficient space to ensure all students are educated together on the ‘upper school’ site.

The Trust has previously successfully supported the Academy with capital bids to refurbish many classrooms and to address immediate fire safety issues, however, in the absence of further government funding for the project, we propose to fund the modernisation from the proceeds of the sale of the academy’s ‘lower school’ site on Leger Way.

The most significant issues facing the Academy are:

Year round problems with heating, cooling, ventilation
Sports hall will need to be replaced on the ‘upper school’ site
Poor circulation and inefficient use of space
Roof leaks during heavy rain in a number of areas
Leaking and broken windows in some blocks
Worn out fixtures and fittings
Heating issues across site, convector heaters are extremely inefficient, with no interlinking automated heating (BMS) controls
External paving in poor condition and in need of replacement
Electrical re-wiring ultimately needed in many parts of the building
Fire alarm and intruder alarm systems need interlinking between the buildings
Insufficient air conditioning in ICT rooms
Asbestos across site, impeding installation of improved ICT systems; ideally needs removal (please note that all asbestos is safely managed on site and does not pose a risk)

Without significant investment, the building may become unable to sustain a modern school, coupled with some facilities currently only available on the lower school site, with a significant walk between, which bring unnecessary risks to students on a very busy road and a loss of learning time.

What is the proposal?

Danum Academy saw a significant school improvement transformation in its move to Outwood Academy Danum from 2016 onwards; recently securing a ‘Good’ Ofsted judgement. To secure the academy’s continued improvements and to ensure it can continue to serve its local community, it has to obtain funding for a building refurbishment and rebuild project. Many of these improvements have been secured through housing the school on a single site and removing the risks associated with moving students between the two sites. At present the significant level of capital funding required is not available through any government capital funding projects.

Outwood Grange Academies Trust believe that the only way to secure the funding to complete the required works, including improved sports facilities is by releasing and selling the surplus land at the lower school site. This release of land must be approved by the Secretary of State for Education, following local consultation.

The section of land proposed to be sold is the lower school site on Leger Way and covers approximately 47,186m2. Due to the busy road and the existing significant sports fields on the upper academy site, the Academy does not currently use these playing fields or the buildings and has not done for the last two years. The area proposed for disposal comprises school buildings and the associated playing fields and car parking.

The proposal above leaves the Academy with more than the minimum recommended external space for a secondary school of the size of Outwood Academy Danum (using the Building Bulletin 103 guidance for recommended area for schools).

Existing and Proposed Site

The proposal would be to sell the area outlined in red below. This consists of the whole Lower School site based on Leger Way.

What would be the outcome of selling the land?

If the disposal is approved, the Trust will seek to sell the land.

Given the proximity to other housing, it is anticipated that the land may be sold for residential development, however, any proposal would be subject to a full planning application process, which would include local consultation with both residents and the Academy.

All the proceeds, in their entirety, from the sale of the land would be used to enhance the internal sports facilities of Outwood Academy Danum and fund the refurbishment of the Academy buildings and additional buildings required as the school becomes full.

The refurbished buildings and facilities would enhance the Academy’s offer to local parents and children and to the Danum community.

How do I comment on the proposal?

In order to give your views about the proposal please fill out a feedback form and either hand it in at the Academy Reception, or post it to the Academy. Alternatively, complete the online feedback form below.

If you have any queries or would like further information you can contact us at:


The consultation period will run from 14 September to 14 October 202