Post 16 Overview

We are entering an exciting new stage for our Post 16 provision by joining together with Outwood Academy Adwick to create “Outwood Post 16 Doncaster”. This allows us to offer students a significantly broader range of qualifications across both sites.

The learning environment together with state of the art facilities makes Outwood Post 16 Doncaster the ideal place for students to continue their Post 16 education. The Sixth Form Centre not only champions academic success, regardless of a student’s starting point, but also supports students’ personal development, social interactions and provides excellent and appropriate advice and guidance for all students when determining their Post 18 progression.

Our structural organisation is built around the Deeps: Deep Learning, Deep Support and Deep Experience. The information below outlines these key areas and highlights why studying at Outwood Post 16 Doncaster is a unique experience for all students.

Deep Learning

Transition from Key Stage 4 is crucial and the first few months in Post 16 can make or break a student’s experience. All students are fully inducted into Key Stage 5 during September and have access to individual support and guidance from their Post 16 Guidance Tutors; personalisation of timetables by the Post 16 Learning Leadership Team.

The wider package of resources play an important part in developing independent learners. We have a dedicated computer suite designed by the students themselves as well as a fully resourced Careers and Reference Library. Within departments, student have access to world-class resources such as the music technology suite, Apple Mac editing and the state of the art Academy facilities, opened in March 2013.

Deep Support

Praising Stars © is a core element that ensures this outstanding level of identification, intervention and impact pervades all aspects of Post 16. Six times a year, individual teaching staff; Heads of Department; the Post 16 Learning Management Team and Senior Leadership Team collaboratively review the progress of each individual student towards meeting their targets and learning goals.

The Post 16 Team works within a strong praise culture and students are regularly rewarded for putting in the required effort to be successful. Students will experience a plethora of strategies to motivate them to achieve.
The individual advice and guidance a student receives is key in them achieving their Post 18 aspirations. The advice and guidance at Post 16 is designed around individual student needs to ensure they are supported in achieving their life-long goals.

Deep Experience

Beyond the qualifications curriculum, Outwood Post 16 Doncaster provides an outstanding ‘Deep Experience’ package for all our students. The Enrichment Programme in Post 16 is further evidence of the outstanding curriculum planning to support the Academy aim of ‘Students First’.

Enrichment is a compulsory part of the KS5 curriculum except for those students studying 4 A levels, but many of these students also choose to opt for top up qualifications or CV-enhancing experiences. Qualifications such as the Extended Project, Sport Leaders CSLA, preparation for UCAS, BMAT, Equality and Diversity and ICT Skills are delivered through enrichment. In addition, the Oxbridge Programme allows us to support the most able students to access the top universities.

Work experience for many students is also a crucial part of developing their UCAS applications and we have supported students in accessing a wide range of work placements or bespoke community projects. For example, students have worked with many employers, schools, local authorities and in the medical profession prior to applications for university of apprenticeships.

At Outwood Post 16 Doncaster our students are not simply given lessons in examination subjects, but are taught how to undertake different types of study; how to organise their time effectively; how to find out about and apply for courses in higher education or jobs and how to present themselves at interview. We also offer a varied enrichment programme with work experience, community experience as well as the Extended Project as a key part of our wider curriculum. We have planned our curriculum to respond to national changes in 14-19 education with the aim of increasing breadth and flexibility of study. We are keen to encourage young people to continue with their studies and there has never been a better time to do this at Outwood Post 16 Doncaster.

The Curriculum

The outstanding delivery within the classroom is linked directly to the innovative curriculum structure offered at Outwood Post 16 Doncaster. The curriculum structure has outstanding profession routes with the vast majority of courses at Key Stage 4 having a direct pathway into Key Stage 5. Within the distinct Key Stage 5 curriculum, students can access over 15 pure A level or Applied A level courses; 8 BTEC vocational qualifications; and other qualifications through the enrichment curriculum.

For some students accessing a blend of Level 2 and Level 3 courses in Year 12 is a key aspect of personalised learning. The personalisation of students’ timetables through vertical teaching groups means we can provide an inclusive yet challenging curriculum for all students within Post 16. Securing those crucial ‘4’ grades in English Language and Mathematics at GCSE is catered for and we put a strong emphasis on achieving these core qualifications.


There are three pathways available in Key Stage 5: academic, vocational or academic/vocational blend.

  • Academic = A levels or Applied A levels. These are mainly exams and coursework
  • Vocational = BTEC qualifications. These are practical courses all assessed through assignments.

Levels and Qualifications

The courses on offer at Sixth Form will allow you to gain either Level 2 or Level 3 qualifications. Depending on prior attainment at Key Stage 4, students will either select all Level 3 qualifications, all Level 2 qualifications or a blend of Level 2 and Level 3.

  • Level 3 courses: A levels, Applied A levels or BTEC National Award, Certificate or Diplomas.
  • Level 2 courses: GCSEs, BTEC First qualifications.

Post 16 Behaviour Policy

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