Enrichment Activities Information

What Is Enrichment?

Although formal lessons end at 2.30pm, the Academy day does not. 

Students are able to choose from an excellent range of after school enrichment activities and clubs, both supportive and creative.

There are over 50 enrichments and clubs to choose from each week that run 2.30pm-3.30pm. These have no cost to our students, and we encourage students to come along and try new things as well as attending things that they know they enjoy, or need extra support in.

Why Attend Enrichment?

There are many reasons to attend after school enrichment and clubs. Firstly, the supportive catch up sessions are a fantastic tool to help accelerate your academic achievement. You may have missed a lesson, or be struggling in a particular area, these sessions allow you to work closely with subject specialists to ensure you are achieving your full potential. 

Secondly, enrichment activities allow you to gain experience and skills in areas not typically part of the everyday curriculum. Attending enrichment allows you to mix with your peers, and gain new experiences.

Before School

Before school Tuesday - Friday there is a sports group that runs 7.30am-8.15am, this is held in the new Sports hall.

Please click the attachment below to see what enrichments are on offer each day.