The Academy’s Pledges initiative ensures that students understand the value of extra-curricular involvement within and outside of the Academy. By achieving the ten Pledges (which range from attending enrichment activities to organising fundraising events) students gain confidence and valuable life experiences that will help to prepare them for life beyond Outwood Academy Danum.

The Pledges encourage students to be actively involved in the wider school community and to realise that their experiences whilst at school stretch further than the classroom. By promoting independence and teamwork, students can apply new skills and improved confidence to all aspects of their lives. Whether it’s representing the Academy on stage, on the field or on excursions, the Pledges encourage our students to get involved, make new friends and take pride in themselves and all they do.

Why are Pledges Important?

The Pledges at Outwood Academy Danum help enable a wide variety of new and exciting experiences that can help students in the future. Completing Pledges might promote discovery of a new talent and will definitely provide the opportunity to learn new things and make new friends. Securing Pledges ensures students will have lots of things to write on application forms for college and jobs when they leave school, and even more importantly activity in which students engage linked to Pledges builds confidence and independence.

What are the Pledges at Outwood Academy Danum?

Pledge 1 – Regularly attend an Academy activity
Pledge 2 – Represent the Academy in a sporting, cultural or academic event
Pledge 3 – Take part in an outward bound or other residential programme
Pledge 4 – Attend a national sporting, cultural or academic event
Pledge 5 – Take part in an Academy production or event
Pledge 6 – Take part in a formal presentation to an audience
Pledge 7 – Be actively involved in an international experience
Pledge 8 – Be actively involved in a community experience
Pledge 9 – Participate in a fund raising event in the Academy
Pledge 10 – Help with the sustainability of the Academy

We aim for students to have undertaken a specified number of Pledges at particular points during their Outwood Academy Danum life. Depending on age, students can then graduate into Year 9 or have the opportunity to attend the Year 11 prom.

How to claim a Pledge

1. Collect a Pledge form from SID.
2. Complete the form with the detail required.
3. Ask the member of staff that witnessed completion of the Pledge to confirm it by signing the form.
4. Return the form to SID and post it in the box.